Penelope Known Issues List

For more information on current Known Issues in Penelope (or associated products), click on the issue below. If you cannot find the issue you are looking for or have additional questions; please contact the Penelope Support Team by clicking here.

Current Known Issues

Date Issue Product Status
16-Sept-2020 MS Graph Timezone Error Penelope Resolved 19.Sept.20 (v4.21.2.1)
23-May-2020 Engage Icons Missing in Engage Emails Penelope Resolved 12.Aug.20 (v4.20.2.0)
9-May-2020 Error when Editing a Workflow Message Penelope Resolved 9.Jul.20 (v4.20.1.0)
8-May-2020 3000 Error Displayed when Making Booking for Workers with Override Availability ClientConnect Resolved 9.Jul.20 (v4.20.1.0)
25-Apr-2020 NullPointerException when Booking/Updating an Event Penelope Resolved 29.Apr.20 (v4.19.1.0)
14-Apr-2020 Unexpected 405 Error in ClientConnect ClientConnect Waiting
02-Mar-2020 There was a network error. Please reload. If this error persists, check your connection status Penelope Waiting
06-Aug-2019 Event SMS includes Event Site instead of Event Location Penelope Waiting

Status: Waiting = Waiting to be resolved. Resolved = The issue has been fixed.

Resolved Known Issues

Below you will find a list of archived known issues. To display the list click the plus (+) icon. If you have any questions please contact the Penelope Support Team.

Archived Issue List

Date Issue Product Status
7-Apr-2020 Unable to Assign New Case Primary Member. Penelope Resolved 17.Apr.20 (v4.19.1.0)
28-Jan-2020 Error Displayed when Entering Dates. Penelope Resolved 6.Mar.20 (v4.18.1.0)
6-Jan-2020 Disable Billing in ClientConnect not Working as Expected. Penelope
Resolved 6.Mar.20 (v4.18.1.0)
2-Dec-2019 DSS Assessments Cannot be Completed until DSS Case Submitted. Penelope Resolved 16.Jan.20 (v4.17.2.0)
22-Nov-2019 Service Event List Sort-Order. Penelope Resolved 16.Jan.20 (v4.17.2.0)
13-Sept-2019 Newly Added Group Service Units not Populating Member’s Group Events. Penelope Resolved 16.Dec.19 (v4.17.1.0)
02-Sept-2019 User (Worker) Unable to Access Individual Profile or Case Page. Penelope Resolved 16.Jan.20 (v4.17.2.0)
23-Aug-2019 Fields are Hidden when using the Add Service File Function (IE 11). Penelope Resolved 23.Oct.19 (v4.16.1.0)
26-Jun-2019 Indirect Events not displaying correctly on the Agency Events screen. Penelope Resolved 22.Aug.19 (v4.15.1.0)
27-Mar-2019 Service Event displays in ClientConnect when Case Service is set to not visible. ClientConnect Resolved 22.Aug.19 (v4.15.1.0)
20-Feb-2019 Documents do not appear in the ClientConnect user’s timeline when the due date is in the past. ClientConnect Resolved 22.Aug.19 (v4.15.1.0)
20-Feb-2019 Slider type questions do not display correctly in ClientConnect. ClientConnect Resolved 22.Aug.19 (v4.15.1.0)
20-Feb-2019 After adding a new Worker Availability Calendar, the Worker’s availability is pulled from both calendars. Penelope, ClientConnect Resolved 22.Aug.19 (v4.15.1.0)
20-Feb-2019 Referral addresses are missing spaces when displayed in ClientConnect. ClientConnect Resolved 22.Aug.19 (v4.15.1.0)
20-Feb-2019 If a timeout dialogue box appears while using ClientConnect and the user clicks the Stay Active button, the dialogue box stays open. ClientConnect Resolved 22.Aug.19 (v4.15.1.0)
20-Feb-2019 Date icon does not work when completing ClientConnect Documents in Chrome/Safari. ClientConnect Resolved 22.Aug.19 (v4.15.1.0)
20-Feb-2019 Signature clear button not visible (intermittent). ClientConnect Resolved 4.Mar.19 (v4.12.1.1)
20-Feb-2019 Signature box not visible (intermittent). ClientConnect Resolved 4.Mar.19 (v4.12.1.1)
20-Feb-2019 When a new Worker is assigned to a Client Task, the Complete the Document button appears in the ClientConnect Inbox message. ClientConnect Resolved 5.Apr.19 (v4.13.1.0)

Updated on September 20, 2020

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