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Penelope Support – How to Submit a Ticket

There are two ways to submit a ticket to the Penelope Support Team:

The support team is also available by calling one of the local phone numbers listed below.

Technical Support Phone Numbers

  • North America – 866.806.6014 and press 1
  • United Kingdom – 020 3289 1689
  • Australia (Support) – 02 8005 8037
  • New Zealand (Support) – 09 889 4080

Technical Support Hours

Technical support is available during the hours listed below (select your timezone by clicking on the plus + icon). If Penelope is non-responsive and it is outside of the hours listed below, please submit a Penelope non-responsive (all users) ticket.

North America EST
Monday – 12am-1am, 9am-11:59pm
Tuesday – 12am-1am, 9am-11:59pm
Wednesday – 12am-1am, 9am-11:59pm
Thursday – 12am-1am, 9am-11:59pm
Friday – 12am-1am, 9am-8pm
Saturday – Closed
Sunday – 5pm-11:59pm

North America CST
Monday – 8am-Midnight
Tuesday – 8am-Midnight
Wednesday – 8am-Midnight
Thursday – 8am-Midnight
Friday – 8am-7pm
Saturday – Closed
Sunday – 4pm-Midnight

North America PST
Monday – 6am-10pm
Tuesday – 6am-10pm
Wednesday – 6am-10pm
Thursday – 6am-10pm
Friday – 6am-5pm
Saturday – Closed
Sunday – 2pm-10pm

Australia AEDT (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra etc)
Monday – 9am-5pm
Tuesday – 1am-5pm
Wednesday – 1am-5pm
Thursday – 1am-5pm
Friday – 1am-5pm
Saturday – 1am-12pm
Sunday – Closed

Australia ACST (Adelaide etc)
Monday – 08:30am-4:30pm
Tuesday – 12:30am-4:30pm
Wednesday – 12:30am-4:30pm
Thursday – 12:30am-4:30pm
Friday – 12:30am-4:30pm
Saturday – 12:30am-11:30am
Sunday – Closed

Australia AWST (Perth etc)
Monday – 6am-2pm, 10pm-11:59pm
Tuesday – 12am-2pm, 10pm-11:59pm
Wednesday – 12am-2pm, 10pm-11:59pm
Thursday – 12am-2pm, 10pm-11:59pm
Friday – 12am-2pm, 10pm-11:59pm
Saturday – 12am-9am
Sunday – Closed

New Zealand NZDT
Monday – 11am-7pm
Tuesday – 3am-7pm
Wednesday – 3am-7pm
Thursday – 3am-7pm
Friday – 3am-7pm
Saturday – 3am-2pm
Sunday – Closed

United Kingdom GMT
Monday – 12am-6am, 2pm-11:59pm
Tuesday – 12am-6am, 2pm-11:59pm
Wednesday – 12am-6am, 2pm-11:59pm
Thursday – 2am-6am, 2pm-11:59pm
Friday – 2am-6am, 2pm-11:59pm
Saturday – 12am-1am
Sunday – 10pm-11:59pm

The times listed above are northern hemisphere winter times.

Athena Software reserves the right to adjust support service hours from time to time as required. It should be noted that any changes in support service hours will not impact response time commitments as outlined in our SLA.

Technical Support Ticket Types

When submitting a ticket you will be able to choose one of the following ticket types. To ensure you receive a prompt reply it is important to select the correct ticket type.

Penelope Non-responsive (all users)

The system is down and no one at your organization is able to access Penelope even though your Internet connection appears to be working as normal when accessing other websites. This is Critical Support.

Please do not use this ticket type if you have forgotten your password and that is the reason you cannot access Penelope. If that is the situation please use the Technical Support type.

Important Information

Penelope Non-responsive (all users) tickets should only be used in the extremely unlikely event that that one of the following occur:

  • You have submitted a ticket and not received confirmation from Penelope support within 20 minutes.
  • The normal ticket submission process is unavailable please call 1-866-621-5481 for urgent support. This applies to Penelope non-responsive (all users) ticket types only. If you are located in Australia or New Zealand please try the appropriate support phone number first during your regular business hours (phone numbers are located at the bottom of this page).

Technical Support

Any non-critical support issue or question that you need answered e.g. you have forgotten your password. This will be the type that you use most often.

Enhancement Suggestion

Got a suggestion for future versions of Penelope? Let us know with this handy ticket type.

Professional Services

Use this ticket type if you want to get a quote or more information on any of the professional services offered by Athena Software e.g. Training, Document Building, Custom Data Export or Reporting to Third-Party Tools (e.g. Excel), Business Analysis/Process Mapping Services, System Configuration, Project Management, Custom Learning/Help Resources, Data Migration etc.

Upgrade Request

You would like to request the password for the latest Penelope update (if you host Penelope on your own server and you or your IT staff will be performing the upgrade in-house) or you would like to request that the Athena Software technical staff schedule in a time to perform the upgrade for you.

Request Additional Licences

Your agency would like to purchase more user licenses.

If you are unable to submit a ticket at any time (i.e. the normal ticket submission process is unavailable) please email support@athenasoftware.net or call one of the appropriate support numbers listed above. If Penelope Non-responsive (all users) please call one of the numbers above.

Additional Resources

For information about what items are considered technical support or professional services, please review the following guideline documents:

For further information regarding Penelope Known Issues:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the support team using the methods listed above. We are here to help.